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Posted By Meghan Cleary On May 21, 2008 @ 1:01 am In Sex & the City Shoe Therapy (TM) Contest | No Comments

So I can bona fide-ly say, I am 100% in love with all my shoe friends who have been writing in. I am loving the shoe stories!! They make me so happy.

Our winner this week of a new pair of snazzy Eileen Shields creations is: Jennifer — who cracked me up with her ruined shoes story. It sounds like something exactly I would do!

“As you know, it’s a bad idea to text message while driving. Did you ever consider that it may be a bad idea to text while walking as well??

I was wearing a sweet pair of Pollini stilettos while walking through a parking lot, when suddenly WHAM, I stubbed my toe hard and lurched forward. I managed to stay upright but the entire front half of my Pollini fell victim to one of those concrete trapezoids they put at the end of parking spots. Ouch! The sad thing is, I got those $600 shoes on sale for $100 but the repair would probably be nearly as much!”

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