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The Best Way to Tie Espadrilles

Apply this lace-up logic from Meghan Cleary, author of The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You (Chronicle, $12, www.amazon.com).
Real Simple – July 2007

1. Slide your foot fully into the shoe and plant it firmly on the floor.

2. Cross and tie the laces once behind the ankle, then bring them forward, cross and tie again, and continue up the leg, depending on how long the laces are. The calf is the maximum height — any higher and you’ll look like a gladiator.

3.Each time you cross and tie, secure the laces slightly tighter than is comfortable, since they will loosen a bit when you walk. Just don’t cut off your circulation.

4. For a streamlined leg, make the final tie in the back. Create a more whimsical look by putting the final tie in front with a small bow.

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