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alice + olivia dressSo we got a question from a dear reader by the name of Halle down in Del Mar, who had such a good question I decided to write a post about it. Halle is having a fantabulous 40th birthday celebration and is wearing a gorgeous, fun, Alice + Olivia dress (pictured). She is in a quandary about what shoes + tights to wear and was contemplating going with black and black. To you Halle, I say NOOOOOO! You are the belle of the ball that night I think you should sparkle and shine as much as possible! This means sheer metallic tights and a sparkle in your stiletto! Or leopard tights and a nude Stiletto!

Halle also thinks that because she has size 11 feet her options are limited — NOT SO! There are so many amazing shoe designers and shoe stores making gorgeous styles for size 11 and above!

My suggestions below!!

For shoes – many options!

I love these super sparkly JRenees — they are one of the last shoe companies who actually manufacture in the U.S. and the quality is great. This silhouette is a classic evening stiletto with a lot of sparkle and shine in sequins and bejewelments.


Or you could do a buff nude peep toe — this one is in a matte satin, and you could add an Absolutely Audrey shoe clip

NINA buff pep toes
shoe clips 1
shoeclips 2

Samanta is a great line that has been making size 11 and up shoe for years:
samanta shoes
These Miu Miu’s I think would be ABSOLUTELY adorable. Hidden platform and a gorgeous toe box. MIU MIU

Or even these Manolo’s .

For tights there are so many options out there right now — look for something textured in the cream, white, nude tones, with a metallic element to it, or maybe just a cool pattern (see the snake pattern I love those) or an opaque open weave fishnet and let your shoes do the sparkle.
ellen tracy tights
snake print tight
wolford tights

These might be the exact tights or shoes for you but you get the picture!! Mix it up a bit, let yourself shine shine shine for your birthday and be open to some different colors and textures and jewelly bits!

Woot! Happy Birthday Halle! you are going to look gorgeous!

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