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This week on Shoe are You? Miss Meghan chats with internationally famous singer song-writer JJ Appleton from his studio in London where his album Someone Else’s Problem is quickly climbing the UK charts and where his single Walk into the Room, will be featured on the famous Sir Terry Wogan show on the BBC2. Loyal listeners of Shoe are You? are already familiar with JJ’s work–he composed the fabulous theme music that accompanies the show each week (the mystery behind how he got Meghan’s laugh into the music is finally solved!). Listen to his stories as an American getting his big break in London. Hear all about his escape from Delhi, the inspiration behind his music, and his nostalgic love for Chuck Taylors. Learn where you can find the hottest oxfords in England and where you can’t find delicious sticky toffee pudding.

JJ Appleton is dedicated to Rising Star Outreach. Visit their website to see what you can do to help the leprosy colonies of India become self-sufficient.

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