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So there was a ton of buzz and controversy online about the TEVA stilettos — somehow it touched a nerve with a lot of fashionistas and everyone from Michelle Madhok on the HuffPo to Stylelite calling them the “ugliest shoe on the planet”, to Signature 9 who posed the question “If everyone jumped, would you?”. And Amy Rolph at the Seattle Post Intelligencer mentioning the shoes Teva-Stilettoshref=”http://blog.seattlepi.com/thebigblog/archives/230249.asp”>called into question everything she knows about hiking safety and fashionn. Refinery29 put them in their Rad or Bad? category, ultimately admitting they were weirdly drawn to them.

I wanted to find out what real people had to say, and the results surprised me! Some really praised the idea of comfort in a Stiletto — which goes to show you what consumers are hungering for — though a few did mention the non-cuteness.

Carmen, a mom and PR exec from LA wrote me an email and said” Oh, no no no. Travesty. I own a pair of really old Tevas that I reserve only for hiking on hot summer days and even then they feel ugly. Am averting my eyes now.”

But most talked about liking the idea of a comfort or a “casual” stiletto.
Joy Doherty from Texas said, ” think they are pretty cute!  I really like the brown ones.  I like how they seem like a casual stiletto.  Not sure if I would wear socks with them and I certaintly would not do yard work in them.  I could see them in the spring with some skinny crop jeans.  My only complaint would be the tag in the front.  Not a fan of that label placement.”

Holly from NYC mentioned, “leave it to miss meghan to be ON top of the cutting shoe trends! these actually make a lot of sense, and are prettier than I anticipated! ”

Mary from Michigan liked the high concept architectural concept of it “I love it when when you mix a classic Stiletto line with a twist! Bravo Grant! Thank you Miss Meghan for sharing.”

And of course, our favorite shoe-aholic, Wayne wrote in to voice his thoughts, which I thought summed it all up quite nicely. “Teva stilettos are a real contradiction; what next: Birkenstock (or Crocs) stilettos? They must be for when you want to wear high heels while rock climbing, or white-water rafting…”.

ps. The correct pronunciation for TEEEVA is actually TEHVAH –so sorry! I just realized that after I recorded!

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