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Nadia Turner, former Dolphins cheerleader, singer, songwriter, actress and radio/TV personality is perhaps better known as the talented and diverse artist with the big hair, and the great set of pipes who wowed millions of viewers around the world with her beautiful, sultry voice, and unique sense of style on American Idol’s 4th Season.

Named after Nadia Comaneci, and born and raised in Miami with American, Caribbean and European roots, Nadia’s amazing blend of funk, rock and soul and fantastic personality has earned her legions of fans as well as guest host duties on The View, appearances on every talk show from Ellen to Jay Leno and a 43 city tour.

I met Nadia on FOX just days after her American Idol performance and she rocked her Stilettos something fierce. She took a few minutes out of her preparations for her upcoming album release this Spring to answer Miss Meg all the questions you love to read.

What are your favorite pair of shoes and why do you love them so much?

White dirty Converse sneakers (Did I mention that they are pretty dirty and beat up?!)

Where did you get them?

My little sister gave them to me.

What do you like to wear them with?

Everything I can get away with!

What type of shoes do you like to see on the opposite sex?

Timberland boots or classic Converse sneaks.

Most you ever paid for a pair of shoes?




Best shoe purchase?

My cowboy boots.


A pair of rubber platform flip flops that I almost broke my neck in numerous times! Not a good look.

Pair of shoes you want to be buried in?

Whatever shoe that isn’t gonna ruin my peaceful sleep. I would hate to wake up in the middle of being dead and say, “Damn these shoes are tight!”

Shoes you wore on your last date?

Pink stiletto silver tip heels.

Shoes you were wearing for your first kiss?

C’mon! LOL…. I wish I could remember that…. Do you?

Best pair of shoes to seduce an object of your affection?

My aforementioned pink stiletto silver tip heels…… Helllooooo000000000!

What pair of shoes changed your life?

My cowboy boots!

If you could buy a pair of shoes for someone, who would you buy for and why?

I actually did that recently. I bought my two little sisters and myself personalized Converse sneakers with our names stitched in.

What shoes would you wear if no one was looking?

If I could get away with it and trust me I have tried. I would wear BIG FURRY BOOTS ALL THE TIME! Can’t get away with that in Miami!

Pointy or round toe?


Stiletto or flat?

Hmmmm. . . I’m stuck . . . My Converse or my cowboy boots.

On men you prefer: wing-tip or cool sneaker?

Depends on where we’re going but most likely a cool sneaker.

Your favorite charity or good cause and why?

I do a lot of outreach in my community with various organizations to help abused kids.

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