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Shoe Are You?® Mena Suvari

I am beyond excited to share my Mena Suvari interview with you. I caught up with the uber-talented actress and all around creative powerhouse at the latest Simply Stylist event at Kitson here in West Hollywood, and we had a blast delving deep into all her stiletto secrets. A global fashion icon, Mena is a super fun Aquarian who was a total blast to chat with.

And, hello! If you haven’t heard of Simply Stylist, well, now you officially have! My friend, founder Sarah Boyd has created a community of women (and men!) who come together to talk and learn about the beauty and fashion industry, and what it takes to succeed. From NYC to LA, Dallas to Chicago, Simply Stylist events are the place to be if you work in, want to work in, or just want to learn more about rocking it in beauty and fashion.

So tune in to hear why Mena loves kitten heels, how she takes care of her shoes, and what shoes she wore on her last date!

You can also catch Mena on her Instagram and Twitter — both are @mena13suvari (where you may have caught her recent awesome Christmas card greeting?)


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