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Manolo the Shoeblogger is one of the most intriguing bloggers on the web today, presiding over a blogging empire that includes shoeblogs.com, Manolo’s Food Blog, Manolo for the Brides, the Men, a Prada Blog, and a Gallery of the Horrors. Recently profiled in UK Vogue ’s January issue, his reach is unquestionable in the blogosphere, and yet his true identity has still not been revealed, adding an extra layer of intrigue to his day to day musings. His pithy commentary on celeb and fashion faux pas (will we ever forget his ‘My Name is Tommy and I Have a Torch‘ post?) including his ever-hilarious Karl Lagerfield tidbits, his well-documented hate for Crocs, Birkenstocks and Earth shoes, and his Project Runway critiques along with solid shoe advice, make for an everyday must-read.

Currently working on a book as well as running the day to day operations of his growing domain, and writing his column for the Washington Post Express, the Manolo graciously took some time to answer our most intimate questions as well as send us the very first picture of him to be published anywhere (of his shoes, but still, we feel honored). Super – fantastic!

What are your favorite pair of shoes and why do you love them so much?

The Manolo does not have the single pair of the favorite shoes. He is like the loving parent with many children, and in the fact, he has fifteen or sixteen pairs of the shoes that he absolutely loves, and thus every morning is like the glorious buffet of shoes for the Manolo. Sometimes, the Manolo even returns home early, so that he may change his shoes and go out again for the afternoon.

The Manolo has provided the picture of himself in the size eleven Clydes by the Taryn Rose, the pair of double-buckle, monk-strap shoes of which the Manolo has been especially fond this last year or so. They are exceptionally comfortable for walking long distances in the city.

What type of shoes do you like to see on the opposite sex?

Beautiful shoes! As long as the shoes are handsome and well-made, appropriate to the occasion and well-suited to the wearer the Manolo is very happy.

Most you ever paid for a pair of shoes? Least?

Several years ago, the Manolo purchased the pair of the custom-made John Lobb full brogue, navy cut shoes that cost something close to $2800 of the American dollars. Ayyyyy! So costly, but so beautiful!

As for the least, in the earlier days, when the Manolo was much poorer he purchased more than one pair of the distinguished flea-market or thrift-stores shoes for substantially less than $5 of the American dollars. At least one of these inexpensive pairs he still owns.

Shoes you wore on your last date?

The Manolo does not date. In the stead, he has chosen to fully devote himself to spreading the gospel of the beautiful shoes.

Shoes you were wearing for your first kiss?

First kiss with the human? In this case, the young Manolo was wearing the pair of the light-brown, high-top, side-button ankle boots which he had purchased at the Rastro flea market for very little money, and which he wore with the striped trousers and Edwardian frock coat of his own design and cut. The teenaged Manolo was in his Young Banker phase (not that he was the actual banker, mind you, but that he liked to dress as if he were the Edwardian banker, or perhaps as if he were the young clerk in the Mary Poppins movie). Strangely, this look would occasionally appeal to the very particular and very odd young peoples. It was one such young person who, while strolling in the park one evening, virtually assaulted the Manolo with the most ardent and unexpected kiss. The Manolo broke free of this amorous embrace and raced home to record it immediately in his journal. Needless to say, all further relations with this person were ended.

What pair of shoes changed your life?

It is hard to pick the single pair of the shoes, so the Manolo will speak of the collective. When the Manolo was the teeny little impoverished Manolo he would sit on the sidewalk outside the Teatro de la Zarzuela watching the by passers. It was the handsome shoes of these by passers–their beautiful, glittering wonderful shoes–that planted in the little Manolo this life-long love of the shoes. There the Manolo was, the dirty, barefeeted child of five or six years of age, sitting on the sidewalk and looking at the most beautiful objects in the entire world, the handsome shoes of the handsome peoples who were going into the theatre. How could these shoes do anything other than irrevocably change the life of the young shoeless Manolo?

What shoes would you wear if no one was looking?

Trust the Manolo, someone is always looking.

Wingtip or cool sneaker?

Wingtip, of the course.

Flip-flop or mandal?

Ayyyyyyyyy! Neither! During the hot weather the Manolo likes to wear the white buck shoes with his tropical suits.

On women you prefer: Stiletto or flat?

Stiletto, although the Manolo again believes that one must always wear what is appropriate for the occasion and suitable for the wearer. And so, obviously, sometimes the flats are better.

Your favorite charity or good cause and why?

The Manolo supports The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. Sadly, the Manolo has family members and friends who are afflicted with this debilitating disease.

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