The party last night was extremely fab  — however, I got caught by the press entering in the club in my FLIP FLOPS because I could not decide between Christian louboutin white sparkly or sergio rossi big platforms — I brought them both in my bag but that meant I was wearing flips on the way in and the photogs caught me! ack!

Once inside, Lana decided on the Sergio Rossi’s and then I was sorted.  Two TV interviews analyzing Croatian celebs later, I was sorted with a little medizca and the party began. Lots of dancing, drinks and book signing at the Club Ritz right in the center of Zagreb. I came home and for some reason became obsessed with MTV Deutscheland which I stayed up watching wayyy tooo long.

This morning the glam squad Martina and Ana arrived — I was so tired I fell asleep while Martina was drying my hair but I ordered some more Jana water which I have decided is the cure for jet lag, and then was off to Transport’s main store for book signing where I met the loveliest high heel lady who had worn high heels since she was sixteen for more than 50 years of high heel wearing.  I gave her a stiletto salute.  The we hit the schpiza — this is the main square where every saturday all the who’s who from politicians to music stars to DJ’s and actresses hang out and talk and have cappuccino and drinks and relax.  It was a gorgeous day of sun under the umbrellas, and then we went around the square with my camera crew and asked people about their shoes.  We zipped by Radio Antennae where I met Ivan the DJ there and Barbara, talked to a bit water polo star about his Converse chucks, a music producer about his shiny wingtips and a whole Stiletto posse of girls hanging out, a famous jazz singer and her daughter and a bunch of interesting characters.

Next we hit the Profil bookstore where I signed my book and met a very cute little girl with roller skate shoes on! Sondra came by to hi as well as the PR and marketing managers.  Then to Atlanta where we the lovliest lingering long lunch of veal and fish and salad and soup on Tkalciceva street — which is this gorgeous quaint street in the old part of Zagreb with sorbet colored buildings. Meow.

Back to Transport where Brigita and Dario generously gifted me a gorgeous pair of Miss Sixty black suede D’orsay sandals with mirrors on the toe strap and a matching purse — I feel like I have very own disco ball when I wear them.

After a quick nap we headed to Takenoko for some amazing sushi. Now I am watching MTV Deustche again and packing — EIGHT pairs of shoes to pack on my way home! This is a record for even me — I am a shoe packing genius I tell you.  I will be sad to leave Croatia — so many wonderful, lovely warm people.  But they have convinced to come back this summer to the coast where there are 1200 islands to explore and clear blue water to swim in and flip flops to wear . . .






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