maia stilettos
avon voicesHad a chance to swing by the AVON VOICES Hollywood shoot and coaching session last Friday. Truly amazing. One, all the contenders have AMAZING voices — beautiful to hear them belt out some of the classics, and two, Maia the Colombian singing sensation was truly a wonderful mentor and example not only to the contestants but to me! You can watch her live and in action with some of the contestants here. She also always wears Stilettos wherever she goes and I met her in a pair of six inch green ankle strap heels that were extremely rocking.

I asked her advice for any woman who needs to be speaking, performing or singing in public as part of their job or as their job and her advice?

“Use the mirror — it is your friend — practice in front of the mirror! and practice practice practice . . .always get to know what you are communicating -understand where you want certain effects, intonations . . . and keep practicing” . Thank you Maia!

So keep tuning in and vote for your favorite — though it will be hard to choose a favorite as all these ladies are truly so incredibly talented.

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