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Brooke Shields: Miss Meghan’s Celebrity Shoe-cam (C): ?

Ok so I saw this pic of Brooke going out to dinner in LA a few weeks ago and have been contemplating ever since what to say.

I don’t want to knock Brooke because that just doesn’t ever do anyone any good, so I’ll just say:

Crocs are fantastic for the garden!

What do you guys think?

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5 Responses to “Brooke Shields: Miss Meghan’s Celebrity Shoe-cam (C): ?”

  1. BarkingDogShoes Says:

    Of all Crocs, the Cayman commits fashion crime every time. Brooke would have been wise to at least choose the 4 inch wedge Crocs Cyprus.

  2. me Says:

    I agree. I work at DSW shoes and we sell these “things” (Crocs) and Jibbitz (the ugly little decorations for the crocs) and I have to say it ALL sells very well but I think it is intended for water parks and the garden. It would be different if it was CUTE, functional, and comfy but it ISN’T! It looks like a very pretty woman until you look at the feet then I think I am looking at a picture of a little girl. It would have been better to wear some capris and a polo with the crocs then a dress.

  3. Joann Says:

    I greatly detest crocs. I think they are the most ugly shoes i have ever seen. I especially dislike when people try to make them look good with a dress. Sure they might look nice with a pair of jeans, but all around they are ugly!

  4. jen Says:

    Crocs are ugly but are the most comfortable shoes. Let’s give her a pass though on this one as she had just had foot surgery!!!!

  5. Beth Says:

    She’s had extensive foot surgery – let’s give her a break. She and her children are absolutely gorgeous, and she seems like a real person!

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