went to a reading at bombora gallery last night. 20 or so poets and musicians gathered in a cozy basement room in chelsea, with a wood burning stove. chris stackhouse put the event together and it was one of the few gatherings i have been to in ny where people from different races mixed and […]

you have to kind of hand it to puffy (p.diddy) for his major break into fashion with his label sean john. watching the behind the scenes with puffy on BET last night, it’s obvious the man has all the elements it takes for a serious fashion takeover: a very clear vision of the lifestyle story […]


on the F train this morning: a woman asked for the time and four of us scrambled to find our cell phone all buried deep in our bags or pockets. isn’t strange no one wears a watch anymore? and my brother, who is six years younger than me, never had to learn to tell time […]


what not to wear should really be named what not to watch. posing as a self-help styling show, this new reality based TV show on the learning channel takes a person whose friends nominate them to be made over (i.e. the friends say the person’s style is hopeless behind their back) and then voila! two […]


on quite a different note, want to briefly address the merits of good kissing. had an amazing kiss on tuesday night which inspired me to discuss with my girlfriends the many merits of a good kisser. turns out most women have only had a few consistently good kissers in their lifetimes of boyfriends, which makes […]

why am i obssessed

with shows like VH1’s “driven”? could it be the neverending snow & terrorism threats here in nyc or my innate need for escapism through celebrity escapades? watching lil’ kim last night and the rise of her special brand of hardcore rap. you do have to hand it to that fierce fashionista for being as graphic […]

Oh my goodness…

I am blogging.