arunaOf course, here at Miss Meghan we are far less interested in the dress, because we know it is all about the shoes.

Wedding shoes especially have a whole extra layered meaning on top of the typical psychological expression — this the day you want to feel extremely confident not in just how you look but how you feel. With Kate’s hectic schedule beginning at 10 am (getting ready I am sure many hours before) and ending probably in the wee hours the next morning at Prince Harrys after-party, it’s been rumored that Kate is going to have up to four different shoe looks the day of her wedding, among other shoe tidbits.

We checked in with Nikki Pennie, a friend of Kate’s who was the one who introduced her to Daniella Helayel of ISSA (the designer of the stunning blue gown she wore on her engagement day). Nikki is an emerging stylist here in Los Angeles and has travelled back to London for the wedding. “I can imagine that she will definitely have two changes; one for Abbey, then another one for the evening occasion and maybe a third for the post dinner party.  I am sure with each outfit change she will obviously opt for different shoes to match each.” Smart girl I would say, choosing her Stiletto Strategies wisely.

“I definitely think Kate’s shoe choice today will reflect this modern and chic, fresh style sensibility.  Kate’s style always remain classic and beautifully understated, just as her choice of shoes do.  I think Kate will opt for a certain type of court shoe throughout the day. Also comfort is extremly important to her style esthetic, thats why you never see her in painfully high heels! This will be extremely important for her at the wedding; to be comfortable so she can enjoy herself and have the best day of her life. She is also fortunate to be lovely and tall.” I probed Nikkie a little further noting that we don’t see Kate in very outre or outlandish styles — does Nikki think one she is formally princess that will change and she’ll get a little experimental? What she said reflects what seems to be the universal feeling about Kate Middleton — that she is a steady, consistent woman with a lot of class, “I don’t think the future Princess will change in any way after the wedding… this also applies to her choice of shoe!” Stay tuned. . . .

(p.s. the shoes pictured are from Aruna Seth, a London shoe designer who is rumored to be supplying at least one pair of the royal wedding shoes!)


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