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Sex & The City Shoe Therapy® Contest: The S&TC Girls Say




“My favorite pair of shoes are these simple, classic leather thong sandals I picked up in Greece at one of the stalls where they sell hundreds of sandals — they were about $6 and I have spent many times over that to repair them. When I wear them, I just feel . . easy. Just easy.”

Cynthia Nixon:
“I have a pair of classic black open toe Manolos — they just seem to go with everything.”

Kim Cattrall:
“Just bought these amazing black Christian Diors, open toe and open back — they have a wonderful texture, a Bottega Veneta-type weave, and they have a little lace in front. I feel like I can wear them with jeans or a casual dress — elegant or just fun to go out in.”

Kristin Davis:
“I bought these graffiti-covered Christian Louboutin flats in Texas. For some reason, people there must not want to wear graffiti shoes, because I got them at a great price. Sarah Jessica scolds me now because they’re so scuffed, I wear them so much!”


Diana Broussard

Diana first came to my attention two summers ago when Jason procured me a pair of the most amazing creme caramel colored sandals with a really unique toe-loop and silver, gold, and rose gold pearls adorning them and a wood stacked three-inch heel that surprisingly easy to walk in. They quickly became one of my fave pairs of summer shoes and I just had them resuscitated once again so they can be my go-to sandals for this summer. Jason summed up those sandals simply by saying, “it’s a shape you never seen before,” which is a great way to describe her entire collection. Originally a jewelry designer, Diana has had stints at Calvin Klein, Dior and Gucci — designing shoes and leather goods under such esteemed designers as John Galliano. This unique view of the world has enabled Broussard to bring a fresh and truly global perspective to her work, and creating a new. luxe twist on chic must-have shoe silhouettes for every woman. Sold at Bergdorf and Kirna Zabete, and now at her own boutique which opened on Christopher street in the West Village (dangerously close to my apartment!). For an added bonus check out her one of kind necklaces — draped giant open chain link in multi colors adorned wit rose-gold accents. the perfect complement to any of her platforms, flat gladiators or elegant pumps.



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38 Responses to “Sex & The City Shoe Therapy® Contest: The S&TC Girls Say”

  1. Becky Mochaface Says:

    I have to pick a favorite? I’m not sure I can do that. Many of the shoes I’ve bought in the last year I love so much that my favorite seems to change by the week.

    But I guess my current favorite are my Carlos pointed-toe stilettos that are black, white and yellow stripes. The stripes are more on a diagonal as they meet at the toes. These shoes are so much fun to wear and always get me compliments. And I feel so sexy in them because they are so radical and different from what is an area with women normally wearing flip flops or crocs.

  2. Tracie Says:

    I love my Irregular Choice booties- they’re black and white with a splash of subtle color in the lavender bow at the back. They’re completely roomy, comfortable, and not too high and I can even proudly say they’ve been complimented on by a celebrity! They really draw attention, and for what I paid for them (on a very special trip to London with my family) they most certainly ought to! I knew from the moment I saw them it was meant to be. I bet SJP (if not Carrie) would be proud of me.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Its a tie between my black stiletto pumps that are my everyday staple and a pair of gold strappy BCBG’s with a 4 inch heel that are so impractical but so wonderful I pair them with everything when I go out.

  4. Genevieve Cline Says:

    My fave shoes are these beautiful black pumps I just bought on Monday. They are from the Vera Wang for Kohl’s collection. They are black and they are closed toe but there is no shoe around the side of the foot until the heel. And on the toe is a small bunch of chiffon with smokey colored jewels. They are are SO sexy and I feel like a goddess when I wear them. I am planning on wearing them to the wedding I am standing up in next weekend. Just so there isn’t any confusion- I will be the goddess bridesmaid with the fabulous shoes!!!!

  5. Whitney Larson Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes would have to be my 3 inch heel CLs they are bright and colorful and always turn heads and get me complimented 🙂 Best of all they can be worn hours on end and my feet don’t get sad. Who could ask for more right..?!
    I love them!

  6. Miss Ford Says:

    My new favorites are Robert Clergerie sandals that are square shaped, black, with two straps across, and totally mod mod mod: the square shape extends beyond the heel and the toe, and the sole below the toes has, get this, a vertical open “slice”! I love the look of them, I love the comfort, and I love the very idea that a puddle could surprise my foot at any time. And, naturally, like any Clergerie (but not any clergy), they are soft and comfortable. Now THAT is a delight!

    What can I say? Those of us in Minnesota can get awfully excited about a sandal. We just can’t wear them that often — this year, it snowed in MAY. I kid you not.

    Miss Ford

  7. Rakisha Says:

    It is a hard to say which pair of shoes are my favorite, because, like my children, they are all my favorites. lol. But for the purpose of the contest, I have a pair of slip-on turquoise leather mules with a yellow seahorse on top of it. The sole needs to be replaced. It was the first shoe purchase I made after I graduated from grad school. They’re comfy, pretty, and unique. They’re also one of my most expensive pairs of shoes at $75.

  8. Neen Says:

    Choosing a fave pair is truly a difficult thing! I don’t want to offend any of my newer purchases as of course I love them because they are new!

    My most fave pair is still my gold Manolo sandals from last year’s season. I love the kitten heels so I can wear them with shorts, capris, skirts or a dress. I love the little flowers across the toes and up the front of my foot with the diamontes in them – each time I wear them I get compliments and I look down and smile at my feet – they are like jewels for my feet.

    Last week I bought a stunning pair of hot pink and red satin Kate Spades, oh they are coming in a close second on faves right now!

  9. Sally F Says:

    My favorite shoes are my Nine West Animal Print, ever so slightly open-toed, sling backs. Sometimes I have to dress conservatively for work, but these shoes make everything so much more fun. Every once in while, I sneak a look at them during a boring meeting. The other day, I couldn’t stop checking out how cute they looked with my fuchsia pedicure peaking out.

  10. Lindsey Says:

    My favorite shoes are either by Christian Louboutin..although I do not own a pair I try them on in the stores all the time dreaming of the day I will own them. I live in sue london’s buttery soft lambskin foldable & portable ballet slippers..Amy Winehouse loves em too 🙂

  11. susan solomon (marcom maven) Says:

    My most amazing pair of shoes were gorgeous camel boots (do boots count as surgically enhanced shoes)? They were Jimmy Choos and a gift to me for starting a new job. I figured they’d be heirlooms to my daughter if she followed in her mother’s footsteps and stunted all foot growth at size six. These most amazing, most too-young-for-my age back zippered phenomena were $1,000. Yes, a grand. For shoes. For Choos.

    Normally, i never tell my husband how much my shoe collection costs (a Weitzman here, a Jacobs there), but he got suspicious. “Those must be quite some boots,” he commented, trying to pry the pricetag from me. “The delivery guy called and asked if anyone would be home when they arrived.” Damn. Busted.

  12. Jamie Says:

    My favorite pair–all of them, of course!

    But a pair of black, matted leather pumps, with scallops. gorgeous.

    Favorite pair that hurts like hell–a pair of maroon pumps made of satin with bows that make my feet look like little gifts…leave marks like nobody’s business.

  13. Patty Says:

    I would say my favorite pair of shoes is the pair that I am wearing at the time. I only buy shoes that 1st are comfortable, 2nd stylish, and third but not least ones that my daughters aren’t going to like because if they do I always give them to them. But secretly I love sexy strappy stilettos with a tight pair of jeans.

  14. donnab47 Says:

    what can you say about shoes that is not FUN!! shoes make getting dressed up FUN, life without shoes would NOT be FUN!!!

  15. Thea Says:

    My trusty converse chuck taylors. I can never go wrong with them =D heehee.

  16. Heather Says:

    My Favorite pair are my red patent leather pumps. I have worn them so many times they almost have holes in them, but I can’t seem to find another pair.

  17. Tiara Says:

    OOH! My favorite pair of shoes (that I currently own) are a gorgeous pair of Steve Madden black patent leather Mary-Janes. I fell in love the minute I saw them and upon receiving my next paycheck, promptly went into Nordstrom, bought a latte, and purchased my dream shoes. I felt like Carrie the time she found those Manolo Mary-Janes in the Vogue Closet (I thought these wer an urban shoe myth!).

  18. fatema abbas Says:

    shhhooeess.. ive got so many tht i love thts its difficult to choose one fave.. well lecce.. i guess the most beautiful pair i own are maroon stilletoes with a large squarish toe end studded with pink crystals.. its gorgeous and my feet look fab.. another pair i love are simple white strappy thongs with a tiny brown flecked white shell at the toe end.. they are not very fancy but super comfy..

  19. Heather Schwartz Says:

    Was in Yorkville Toronto Ontario and David’s shoe shop dedicated the windows to each character in the movie. I loved all of the shoes but I am partial to the shoes that Charlotte would wear in her everyday life.
    I love a stappy number on my feet but the mary-janes are cute as well

  20. artchick Says:

    Almost-sky-high, candy apple red patent leather, pointy-toed, spikey-heeled, men love ’em, women want ’em, kick-ass pumps………

  21. bunny Says:

    My fave pair of shoes that I own is the Nine West Gladiator wedges. They’re awsome. I love the buckles on them and it’s soft and easy to walk with it on. Plus, it makes me look tall 🙂 Love it!!!

  22. flygyrl72 Says:

    My fave pair right now are these fierce L.A.M.B. platforms I scooped up at a sample sale they had last year. Got em for only $100. The name of the shoe is the Dominic. These platforms are SERIOUS!!! Almost 5 inches, they’re the hotness. Seriously, everytime I wear them…all eyes on me, ladies. They’re my go-to pair everytime, & go with about anything I wear. They put the strut in my stuff, love them. And I’ve never seen anyone else sporting them, double score…LOL…

    Check em out…


  23. Tanya Says:

    My favorite shoes are a pair of metallic silver cowboy boots. They sound tacky ..but their so not…I brought them from a Victoria’s secret catalog (sometimes you find some really great stuff in there) …Their limited editions and I also brought them in gold (lol) I just wish I would have a brought a second pair, because I’ve worn them to death. They look great with jeans and their so comfortable and chic….

  24. Nancy Says:

    I feel comfortable in my Nine West Jasmaria. The footbed is lightly padded; the straps look chic; and the stiletto heels make me feel very sexy, especially in my Jessica knit top and skirt.

  25. michelle rosborough Says:

    My fav shoe right now are my bright pink slippers from Bath and Body works.

  26. Siera Bearchell Says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are my black Diesel open-toed classic flats. They are comfortable enough to wear to work but, still nice enough to wear out on the town!

  27. melanie Says:

    My favourite shoe would have to be Christian Louboutin’s very prive pumps! They are so stylish and sexy, yet fun! I also love them because they are so glamorous! I feel like a movie star when I (dream of) wearing them!

  28. Krystal Says:

    My favorite Sandal/Shoe is the Ralph Lauren Karolyn T-Strap Sandal. I have four pair of them and I repair them when necessary. Everyone loves the shoe – ladies say ‘sexy shoe.’ Men just oogle.

    I met a lady the other day she had on a pair of Karolyns. I asked if they were new (hoping I could add to my wardrobe) her response was NO and she wished he would make them again – also her favorite.

    RALPH please make these again – comfortable and ultra sexy!

  29. Marcia Says:

    I was browsing at a flea market in Palm Springs when a burst of color caught my eye. There before me were hundreds of pairs of the most colorful and beautiful embroidered boots imorted from Turkey. Of course, I bought a pair or two! I could not resist. I wore them the very first time to a party-everyone, including men, loved them and asked me where I got them as they are so unique. Whenever and wherever I wear them, I feel like a celebrity as they attract people to me!

  30. Barbara Says:

    I think my favorite has to be my Betsey Johnson “Jamison” hidden platform slingback. Black satin with embroidered flowers. So feminine & gorgeous. I get comments whenever I wear them. Flirty, Feminine & Fun.

  31. Rosio Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes, has to be an pair of white vintage leather pump i found in a old store in San Francisco. They are no brand at all, but they have this great like white ruffle in the front. And the heel tap is actually made out of metal, not that black plastic new stuff. I just love them.

    But for my anniversary (aug 25th) after doing some research i found out my husband ordered the new Something Blue Manolo Blahniks (the Satin Blue Sex and The City shoes, YES THOSE)
    So after i get them, those will most likely be my favorite pair of shoes!!!

  32. Eliza Says:

    It is impossible for me to choose one favorite pair. Favorite designer? Dries Van Noten or Eileen Shields.

  33. Michele Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are a bright fuchsia, patent leather high heal with a round toe and a double strap on the top of the foot. They are comfy and super sexy! I love them and I love the way I feel when I wear them; and I love the looks and compliments I get when I wear them!

  34. Angel Carter Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are a pair of green & creme shoes. They are wedge heels about 3 1/2 inches high. They have the peek-a-boo toe in the front with a thin strap going up the middle of the foot that connects to a strap that goes around the ankle. They are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I have. They are so comfortable that I went back and got the same pair in orange & creme.

  35. Lizzie Says:

    Coming from someone who would normally say tennis shoes being that they’re what I wear almost every day, my favorite pair of shoes really aren’t a pair of shoes: they’re boots. They’re a black leather boot completely with 2 inch heels, tie up the front, buckles along the sides and that zipper on the inner part of the boot. I not only feel confident when I wear them, but an air of sexiness comes over me and I just feel so wonderful in them. Nothing is better then tossing those on with a skirt for a night out or with jeans to look completely different. They just feel fun and I feel complete when I wear them not to mention they’re great conversations starters.

  36. Betsy Says:

    The beautiful blue Manolo’s from the movie arrived on Friday. We spent all Saturday afternoon(my shoes and I),in bed watching the DVD of the movie. I had not watched it until my shoe’s were there to share in the fun. It took months to get them, but they were worth the wait. Now I need earrings to go with the shoes and dress I will wear to my daughters wedding next July in Cabo….

  37. CJ Says:

    Shoes. I would say that they are a equal opportunity employer- built to flatter all shapes and sizes. Shoes, unlike those skinny jeans in your closet reserved for that time you lose the last 5 lbs, won’t betray you. They will still let you believe that you haven’t changed a bit since the last time you wore them. My favorite pair of shoes are Nicole Miller black patent leather t-strap 4 1/2″ heels. I wore them on my honeymoon salsa dancing with my husband, and never felt sexier in my life. Every time I put them on, I remember laughing and dancing. It isn’t about how much the shoes cost, or the designer, but how they make you feel and what memories they evoke each time you put them on.


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