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Now you know how much I love Manolo. The man is a genius. And you know how I feel about these special shoes he made. to match the color of Sarah Jessica Parker’s eyes. So Saturday, I went up to the Manolo shop on 54th street to help my fab friend Shazzer shop for her wedding shoes.  Not one person spoke to us in the store — it was very odd I must say. Not a hello or how are you or anything of the sort.  Now, I know that place is a tourist mecca of the highest order because of all the hooha, and so the salespeople must get tired, (I know about tourist meccas living down the street from Magnolia as I do) but was honestly a bit jarring.

Off we sauntered to Bergdorf where of course were helped by my friend and amazing shoe salesman, Thomas Kahdafy, who after I editorialized the floor with some selections for Shaz, brought us the gorgeous pair of white satin peep-toe with delicate sparkly buckle which fit perfectly.  

Now, here we were enjoying Manolo so throughly.  We were on a big divine couch, we were learning about the Manolo fit, we were oohing and aaahing and really feeling our Manolo.  Shaz especially.  We chatted with other customers who were trying on Manolo, we learned about one woman’s elopement in Hong Kong, we enjoyed Thomas’ expertise.  How could one Manolo be so wrong and one so right on the same day in the same neighborhood?

Has anyone else has a strange experience at Manolo on 54th? Do weigh in!

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  1. S Says:

    I’ve never been to the Manolo store, but a friend of mine told me similiar experience there too a few wks ago!!

    Too bad I have missed the recent Manolo private sale. =( But I found some of the shoes at this pretty chic and high end shoe market. Worth checking out gals… =)



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