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Here at Miss Meghan, instead of offering you free gas with a car purchase, we are helping with recessionary times by introducing a new concept: Reccessorizing. that’s right. you might not be able to swing a full new ensemble, or even a summer vacation, but you can spice things up by buying a well-priced accessory. thus, the Recessory. This Thursday’s Recessories:
Wanted Trap - Black

How cute is this 100% patent leather t-strap? And it’s a peep! From tight short jean capri’s to a flowy skirt and at $31.50 it is a steal.

Clarks Korbin - Blue

I am a little bit in love with Clarks right now — super spot-on trendy styles, tons of comfort and gorgeous leathers. Pop it up a notch.

Nine West Women\'s Getitgirl Slide

Get your citron on. “Nuff said.

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  1. BarkingDogShoes Says:

    I agree with your Clark’s Korbin choice–Clark’s has been steppin’ it up lately!

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