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Sex and the City New York Premiere Tonight

So today is the big day. Sex and the City movie premieres here in NYC and I am just so incredibly grateful I get to attend the screening. The very sweet folks at New Line invited me -it’s at Radio City Music Hall at 7 p.m.

I thought I would have some fun and mix it up by wearing some especially hot times Giuseppe Zanotti teal patent peep-toe platform asymmetrical Stiletto pumps. If anyone can fit all those things into one shoe is it Giuseppe. They are what he says is “aggressive-chic” — i.e. made by anyone else they would have the potential to be tarty, but because they are Giuseppe they are instead, incredibly chic and super lux-y. I am honored, as always, to wear Giuseppe to a big event.

I am heading to CosmoRadio (on Sirus Networks) to chat about STC shoe scoop at 4:15 pm, and am going to Twitter from 3 pm onward — so be sure to keep missmeghan.com up on your screen and refresh often!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will announce the winner of week three of my Sex & the City Shoe Therapy contest — and also reveal the personal favorite shoes of SJP, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon from their own shoe collections — and how they feel when they wear them, so be sure to tune in. I will also be talking to EXTRA! about what everyone’s red carpet shoe choices said about them in Miss Meghan’s Celebrity Shoe-cam — they are sending a camera man to the premiere especially to film everyone’s shoes! How fun is that?
And Thursday, look for my essay on Stilettos in the New York Daily News — you’ll learn why fancy shoes are not just an amazing thing to have, but an investment in your own life choices as a woman.

So tune in and enter tomorrow for the final week of the contest! I have been loving reading everyone’s comments — so many amazing shoe stories — keep ’em coming.


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  1. ALLACCESS Says:

    I’m sure you had an amazing time. I saw some of the photos online. I wish I knew about this beforehand. The only Premiere I have ever been to was the Charlie’s Angels Premiere. It was fun, my boss at the time went to Colombia with Lucy Liu and her brother John, and I happen to run into my boss and his wife there. I went to the afterparty at a store called Henri Bendel, which they closed down to convert it into a party. That was my first and only premiere *pout*.

  2. nick Says:

    5WGy1I hi! hice site!

  3. Josh K Says:

    Good piece.

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