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Shoe Therapy: The Case of the Clog Girl

Shoe Therapy can be profound. In this series we’ll explore a few case studies of how that turns out.

I had a client who was the type who said to me, “Oh, I’m not into shoes,” a little disdainfully in fact. When I meet people who say this they think all I care about are high heels. Which is extremely reductive, to say the least considering I wrote an entire book about thirty different shoe girls from the barefoot to the sneaker. However, I understand the sentiment. Some women think because they aren’t into high heels they simply can’t be “into” shoes – when nothing could be further from the truth.

What I generally find with those who aren’t “into” shoes –  is that they are the most opinionated of all about shoes!  This is the type of women who tells me she’s not info shoes, yet five minutes later when I ask a few shoe therapy questions about the shoes she’s wearing right now, and perhaps when she bought them — entire shoe stories start pouring out! Usually along the lines of well, I bought this pair of clogs/Merrell’s/sneakers etc and I just loved they way they felt they weren’t uncomfortable and really supported me while I was working/gardening/painting so I went back and bought them in every color, and now they don’t have the one color I want anymore, and I’m thinking they should really change the trim on the one and. . . .

You get the picture.

Such as it was with the case of the clog girl. An artists who loved her clogs. Down to earth, always working in the studio. She loved only clogs!

And here’s an example of how Shoe Therapy can be quite subtle.

When I turned her on to a pair of clogs that were indeed, clogs, yet these clogs were made of a very yummy, rich chocolate suede, they had a lightweight, engineered heel with a lovely heel cup, and! a very clingy buckle across the front as well as some fun contrast stitching.

The artists put these shoes on and her entire countenance changed — she started to dare I say, prance about. She suddenly stood up taller, and a very large smile stretched across her face.  she was transformed, a moment that never fails.

This, my doubting friends, is the power of the shoe.



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