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Shoe Therapy© with Dany Levy

Our Shoe Therapy© Stories continue. I don’t think I could have been more excited than to meet Dany Levy, the powerhouse who created Daily Candy. If you are not familiar with Daily Candy than you should know that it is a daily dose of things you need to do, see, buy or eat. But it […]

Shoe Therapy: The Case of the Clog Girl

Shoe Therapy can be profound. In this series we’ll explore a few case studies of how that turns out. I had a client who was the type who said to me, “Oh, I’m not into shoes,” a little disdainfully in fact. When I meet people who say this they think all I care about are […]

Shoe Therapy© Stories

  So, what is Shoe Therapy? Isn’t that just like, a shorthand people use for shopping? Although you might think so, no. Shoe Therapy is actually both something I write about quite frequently, here on my blog and in my books, and elsewhere, and an actual proprietary thing I do. It does not appear anywhere […]