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Shoe Therapy© with Dany Levy

Our Shoe Therapy© Stories continue.

I don’t think I could have been more excited than to meet Dany Levy, the powerhouse who created Daily Candy.

If you are not familiar with Daily Candy than you should know that it is a daily dose of things you need to do, see, buy or eat. But it is so much more than that because the copy is absolutely genius and the to-the-moment intel is always prescient. The mastermind behind it all is Levy who started the daily email service as a way to catalogue cool things she heard happening and share it with friends. Now we know that DC is so powerful it can literally create businesses overnight. The fact that a woman founded and owns such an amazing tech company on the forefront of what’s next is always heartening to see as male tech CEO’s frequently are held up as “successes” for raising venture capital, while Levy actually makes a profit.

So! We got to meet at a fab little tapas place on West 10th, where we delved deep into Levy’s sole. (Sorry, had to.)

Turns out she is is a fiercely devoted wedge girl. They give her more height, and at the same time work with her very active lifestyle. I think we can all relate.

She likes to dress simply and express herself through her shoes instead.

Her go-to’s? Leopard print Manolo’s , Michael Kors brown suede wedges, and patent Pucci wedge boots. She’s into very simple dressing – black D &G dress for going out, jeans and a tank during the day.

As a woman who knows what she likes, and knows what works for her, I don’t recommend stepping into an entirely new zone. Instead, I would suggest looking for the same types of silhouettes that work for her – but exploring some designers she may not have though of, like our friend Ruthie Davis and some of her big platforms for going out. Maybe also Ce Ce Chin’s Eighty-Twenty wedge booties for everyday — a hidden wedge makes for too much fun! or maybe even inject a bit of color into her Manolo collection. Red suede, or a blue patent, perhaps.

Many times Shoe Therapy isn’t about making you over, but instead allowing you to step into more of YOU.

Dany wrote about Shoe Therapy for Daily Candy, right here.

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