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Shoe Therapy© Stories

  So, what is Shoe Therapy?

Isn’t that just like, a shorthand people use for shopping?

Although you might think so, no.

Shoe Therapy is actually both something I write about quite frequently, here on my blog and in my books, and elsewhere, and an actual proprietary thing I do. It does not appear anywhere online or in the urban dictionary either. It is truly a unique and original creation I invented! And it is a truly uncommon thing I do, and I am the only one who does it!

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? As I write about in my books, and talk about frequently on TV, shoes, unlike any other item we put on our bodies, have a physiological effect; they effect the way we walk, stand and operate in the world. While this seems somewhat self-evident, it is also quite profound. For when we change our physical body, we can change the emotional body too. Shoes have the power then, to change our feelings, our mood, and indeed how we feel about ourselves in any particular moment.

Once you know this great power shoes have, you no longer scoff at Shoe Therapy. No, you realize shoe therapy is something much more deep and more impactful than you ever may have imagined.

Shoe Therapy is the proprietary practice of analyzing someone’s shoes as they are wearing them now, then asking a few key questions, and prescribing a new pair of shoes. Sometimes this new pair is not an entirely different style – it can just be an upgrade to an existing favored shoe.

I once had a clog girl, used to donning only paint spattered clogs in her art studio, suddenly get incredibly inspired by a pair of ultra-luxe, suede and bejeweled clogs. They took her in an entirely new direction. I have worked with hundreds of women (and some men) one-on-one working with them to find out where they are in life, where they want to go, and literally giving them the shoes to get there. I write my Shoe therapy Stories. I also give Shoe Therapy on my television show Shoe Therapy© on HSN;  on-the-spot Shoe Therapy to guests at the many events I attend at Bloomingdales, Macy’s, LUCKY Shop and the like; and I work with private clients and take them through a proprietary questionnaire, a visual analysis of their shoe closet, and point them in the direction they want to go.

In all my sessions and stories on Shoe Therapy, it never ever fails to delight me when I see a person step into a pair of shoes. The change is visceral. People walk differently, carry themselves with new confidence, stroll out into the world.

UPDATE: And wouldn’t you know it, my shoe therapy and the way I think about how shoes effect us, was born out by a university study.

Indeed, “ratings of shoes correlate with shoe owners’ personal characteristics.”

Well, hello! So when someone says Shoe Therapy to you, now you know who invented it and what it means.

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If you would like more information or would like to book Meghan for a Shoe Therapy© event, or session, just, Send us an email.

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